For Exit and Succession Planning

Exit and Succession planning is the conscious effort to grow enterprise value in a manner that enables the efficient conversion of that ownership into personal financial freedom and peace of mind. Exit and Succession Planning is a process, not an event. It is a way to run a business that maximizes enterprise value and provides a means to achieving an owner’s personal and financial goals.

Exit and Succession Planning puts you in charge of your legacy!

Exit and Succession Planning Benefits You By…

  • Lowering business risks
  • Avoiding asset concentration
  • Maximizing your company’s value
  • Preserving family wealth for later generations
  • Reducing employee and family uncertainty
  • Lowering or eliminating capital gains taxes
  • Providing strategic options

The Initia Group provides a methodical and thorough process to guide you through the Exit and Succession Planning process.

Financial Planning

Do you anticipate your business will be the primary source of your retirement income? Have you identified who will buy your business and for how much? What effect would the loss of a key employee have on the value of your business?

If you own a business, the answers to these questions can be critical to your financial future. Retirement income, exit planning and business protection are just three areas where The Centennial Group  can provide services to help you keep your financial goals on track.

Estate Planning

Have you considered what would happen to your business if you pass away, become disabled, or choose to retire? The proper planning of such events proves critical for the continued success of a business.

Part of this process requires every business owner to consider a few key areas:

(a) implementing a sound estate plan

(b) maintaining an updated buy-sell agreement

(c) maintaining the proper corporate structure for your successors.

The Attorneys at JKY Legal Group can help ensure your transition from business-owner to retiree is made as smooth as possible.

Rebranding and Marketing | Michigan Creative

As you move closer to selling your business, it’s important to remember the value of a strong digital presence for your business. Michigan Creative can help you will anything from rebranding to video production to mobile websites and more. Improve the value of your business with a cohesive and extensive digital presence.

Income tax planning

Structuring the purchase or sale of a business properly is a critical step in the process of buying or selling a business. The Initia Group has experience to guide you through the acquisition/disposition process by addressing many commonly encountered issues including cash flow analysis and income tax considerations.

Selling Your Business (Merger & Acquisitions)

Let Century Business Brokers & Advisors, help you sell your business. Negotiations – are the nuts and bolts of business sales. But not every deal is built the same, and what’s important to one company may be incidental to another.

There are many aspects of selling your business, but none is more important than conducting every step of the process with total confidentiality. The brokers of CBBA understand that it is crucial that your employees, customers, vendors, and lenders remain unaware of listing, marketing and selling your business.

By definition, every deal has any number of potential areas of conflict that require negotiation, even when both parties act in good faith toward closing. Major deals usually take between six to nine months to complete — even up to as much as a year for more complicated acquisitions. Let the experienced intermediaries at CBBA help you through the myriad of red tape and details required.


If you anticipate your business will be the primary source of your retirement income, you will want to get your cash out. Do you know a bank who will help finance that transition? Huntington Bank helps businesses finance that transition!

On the other hand, if you are not quite ready for the transition and are planning to retire in 5 years, we can look at restructuring your debt to meet your retirement goals.

Business Valuation

Over 80% of privately held businesses do not sell the first time the owner attempts to sell the company. The biggest contributing factor? An overinflated view of the value of the company by the owner.

For business owners their company represents their life’s work and, for most, the vehicle that will provide the funding for retirement. Without an accurate assessment of the current market value of the company all planning becomes irrelevant as it is based on a faulty assumption of the value of the firm.

The Initial Group can not only provide a valuation, but also work with you to increase the value of your company – thereby feeding your plans for exiting!

Business Brokerage

Whether you are buying or selling a business or a franchise we want to help you through the process to make the experience as uncomplicated as possible. This frees your time to carry on with crucial business decisions that must be made on a daily basis. Our mission is to ensure our clients have the professional service, consultation and expert advice from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our experience, but, most importantly, our commitment to our clients!

We take selling your business very serious. Prior to acceptance, our business brokers will complete an evaluation to determine how to sell your business. We will give you the extra effort needed to ensure your sale or purchase of a business goes smoothly, and minimize the risk of unexpected surprises. We make ourselves available to you at all times possible to guide you through the transfer of business ownership.